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Glass Fiber Filter Cartridge

Glass Fiber Filter Cartridge

Glass fibre cartridges are designed for higher filtration area & high flow rates. Our graded density glass fibre pleated filter cartridges are perfect blend for filtration of liquids, as it has reducing pore sizes. The physical and chemical properties of glass fibres are ideally suited for their use, as a fabric filter media. In addition, they have endurance to high thermal shock outstanding dimensional stability, excellent moisture resistance, high surface area – to – weight ratio & chemical resistance.


The SSF series is a borosilicate glass fibre filter cartridge, which has been especially made for industrial application and oil industry. It is used for fine clarification of different types of oils, water, dyes and solvents. The cartridge is designed to work, up to temperatures of 80°C and a maximum differential up to pressure drop of 2 bars. The available micron ratings are 1M, 2M, 5M & 10M and are absolute rated.

They have a huge advantage over PP Pleated filter cartridges as they are absolute rated at the given micron rating and have high dirt holding capacity due to sub – micron fibre diameter.

The main factor distinguishing PP and GF filter elements is the ability of glass fibre cartridge to withhold the dirt till the desired pressure drop due to much larger dirt holding capacity, as supposed to PP cartridges, which start leaving the dirt downstream as the pressure increases.


  • Highest dirt holding capacity.
  • Efficiency ranging more than beta 200 i.e. 99.5%.
  • Gives the required NAS value for oils of 4 & 5.

Micron Rating & Product Specifications:

Filter Medium Double layer micro glass fibre.
Pre- Filter Media Cellulose Fibre Media
Inner Core Polypropylene or SS 304
Outer Core SS 304
End Caps Hard PP or SS caps.
Gaskets Silicon, EPDM, Viton.


External Diameter 65mm.
Length 20"
Filtration area 0.7 m²/ 20"cartridge
Max dp. 2.0 bar at 40°C
Recommendeds 1.2 bar at 40°C.
Max Operating Temp. 20°C to 80°C for PP & 80°C to 120°C for SS

  • Glass fibers possess the highest strength (tensile) to weight ratio of any fiber.
  • Under environmental conditions in use as filter media, no other natural or man-made fiber processes these physical & chemical properties.
  • Fastest flow rate.
  • High dirt load capacity due to depth media.
  • Sub – micron particle retention.
  • Board temp range.
  • Ideal for gas & Liquid filtration.

  • Ultra clean filtration at hydraulic, turbine, marine & lubricating oils.
  • ATF, petrol & High speed diesel.
  • Purification of dyes.
  • Pre-filtration of RO.
  • Paints & coatings, petrochemical, refineries.
  • Hot water recovery in power plant.