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Cellulose Filter Pads

Cellulose Filter Pads

Cellulose filter pads are manufactured from pure, specially selected and treated cellulosic fiber. The filtration properties of these pads largely depends upon selected fiber size and drying techniques such as air drying, vacuum drying or squeezing. By using a unique blend of cellulosic fibers and various filter aids such as diatomaceous earth & perilites along with different drying techniques, it is possible to offer a wide variety of filter media grades. Addition of special food grade resins increases the wet strength of the pads which is very important for filtration of water based products.

Degree of filtration Ahlstorm S & S
Coarse 5-10 microns C-200 KCD-4
Medium 2-5 microns C-500 KCD-5
Fine Polish 1-2 Microns A-74 KCDV-8
Sterile 0.2-0.65 Microns - KNS 2-94


High Solids loading: Filter pads provide high solid loading due to the large internal surface area and void volumes present within the matrix of fiber and filter aid which comprise the filter pad. This extends filter life and provides greater throughput. Wide compatibility: The basic components of filter pads, cellulose and filter aid, are natural products which have a wide range of compatibility.


Material of construction: Cellulose wood pulp, perlite, Diatomaceous Earth, activated carbon and wet strength resin.

Depth particle retention: From 50 microns nominal down to 0.25 microns nominal
Sizes: All sizes available to fit virtually any filter press.


Typical applications of these pads include spirits, wines, beers & lagers where long life& clarity are essential. Similarly these products have found wide acceptance in the filtration of syrups for soft drink, gelatins, cosmetics plus a diverse spread of chemical & pharmaceutical intermediates & final products.