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Carlson High Flow Filter Pads

Carlson High Flow Filter Pads

The Carlson XE range of products is comprised of a comprehensive series of high performance filter sheets designed to meet the needs of a range of specialist applications.

XE filtration sheets are widely used in the filtration of products where they give outstanding clarity and stability combined with long sheet life and integrity.


The raw materials used in the manufacture of XE range of products are carefully selected and monitored to ensure their compatibility with pharmaceutical, beverages and food products.

Given below are the particle retention values of the XE range of products. We recommend XE 90
for wine in stage 1 for coarse filtration which gives particle retention between 4 to 8 microns.

Features & Benefits:

All XE filter sheets comprise of a blend of selected, processed & bleached cellulose fibers combined with non hazardous filter aids & approved resins to produce filter media with superior filtration capabilities in conjunction with excellent wet & dry handling characteristics.

The pore size distribution of the sheet is carefully controlled so that there is an even build up of the filter cake on the sheet. This ensures that filter capacity is maximized and that there is minimum risk of leakage.

All XE grades are made to the same carefully controlled thickness specification so that different grades can be used in the same filter press configuration & seal thickness.

Edge leakage is reduced to a minimum because of the special XE filter sheet formulation & processing conditions.


Typical applications include spirits, wines, beers & lagers where long life, sterility, stability & clarity are essential. XE range is also used in filtration of syrups for soft drinks, gelatins, cosmetics, chemical & pharmaceutical industries.

Instructions for correct use:

When inserting into the filter press, handle the filter sheets with care to eliminate distortion or abrasion. Never use a damaged filter sheet. Place the smooth side of the filter sheet against the filtrate plate (i.e. downstream). The rough side faces the liquid to be filtered (i.e. upstream).

Filter Preparation:

Prior to first filtration it is recommended where possible to pre-rinse the closed filters with approx 50 liters of water per sq. meter. During pre rinsing check for leakage, re-tighten to eliminate if necessary.


The XE range of sheets may be sterilized with saturated steam or hot water for a period of 20 minutes. The pressed filter pack has to be loosened slightly to ensure that the steam entirely sterilizes the system. Final pressure should only be applied to the filter package once the entire filter has cooled down.