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FlowFilt Catalyst Filter

FlowFilt Maximum Catalyst Retention / Recovery Filter

SS Filters make Noble Metal Catalyst Filters are specially designed for filtration of various catalysts such as Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium, etc. These filters are fitted with state of art back washable metallic cartridges which are coated with metallic membrane. This membrane prevents the catalyst particles from getting penetrated in the wall of the filter candle and enhances its life.

These filters are fitted with a heel filter to ensure that entire liquid volume is filtered. Hence, these filters improve the production capacity by preventing product recycling.

Salient Features :

  • Sintered SS 316L.
  • Metallic Membrane coating.
  • Surface filtration, hence no depth filtration and chocking problems.
  • Porosity up to absolute 1 micron.
  • Liquid recirculation not required.
  • No atmospheric exposure.
  • No spillage losses.
  • 100% recovery of catalyst.

Applications :

  • Batch Filtration Systems
  • Metallic Membrane optional
  • Catalyst recovery filter in:
  • H2O2 production
  • CTA / PTA production
  • TDI / TDA production
  • Butanediol
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FlowFilt Exhaust Filters for Vacuum Pumps

At the heart of the Vaccum Pump Exhaust Filter is the completely disposable coalescing element. Made entirely from borosilicate glass microfiber and silica binder, it is compatible with all compressor lubricants and will operate at temperatures upto 120 ° C .

The microfiber element has a two-layer structure, an inner particle capture-layer and an outer drainage-layer. Oil droplets remain mobile once captured and travel through the fine-pored capture-layer, along the intersecting microfibers, growing in size as they progress.

These coalesced droplets are transferred to the large-pored drainages-layer from where they drain by gravity into the filter boul. Oil collected in the filter boul can then be drained and reused.

Our disposable Borosilicate Microfiber Filter elements are specifically designed for all vacuum exhaust application. The filters have an efficiency rating of 99.99% at 0.03 micron and are designed to have an initial dry pressure drop of less than 2 psi when sized correctly.

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